Product Care




All work is made with high quality stoneware clay and food safe glazes. All work is dishwasher safe, though hand washing is recommended. They are also microwave safe, but as with all handmade pieces, the better you take care of them the longer they will stay with you.


Cups and mugs should only be placed on the top shelf in the dishwasher and please be careful to avoid over-stacking.

Sudden changes in temperature (e.g. from fridge to oven or from oven to a cold bench) is likely to cause thermal shock, which could damage your piece. Always place hot items onto either wood or cloth.

It's also important to understand that with regular use of metal cutlery and serving spoons, glazed surfaces will mark over time. These marks are the result of tiny metal deposits being left behind by the cutlery. More often than not they can be cleaned off with a paste made of bicarb soda and white vinegar (or water for decorated pieces). Just mix, buff on gently and rinse off. It's important to note these marks do not affect functionality of the piece. To avoid this issue, use timber serving spoons and knives where possible.


Every piece of ANDREA TSANG is inspected by me to make sure they are in good condition before shipping out.


Thank you for shopping at ANDREA TSANG!