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AMPHORA Candelabra 001

AMPHORA Candelabra 001

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Part of the AMPHORA Collection - the AMPHORA Candelabra pays homage to Ancient Greek vessels while infusing them with a contemporary twist and a touch of mid-century modernism.

Handcrafted in Stockholm, Sweden, each piece reflects a harmonious blend of artistry and functionality.

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Candelabra represent Andrea Tsang's exploration of the balance between art object and functionality. Combining concepts from the contemporary, the old, and the ancient, the Amphora series invites you to contemplate how design and ideas can endure for decades and even millennia, largely unchanged.

Materials: Dark-colored stoneware with an earthy matte finish, partly glazed.
Dimensions: 13cm W X 20cm H (with handle)

AMPHORA Candelabra is being exhibited at Milan Design Week 2024.


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