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AMPHORA Vessel 006

AMPHORA Vessel 006

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Part of the AMPHORA Collection - the AMPHORA Vessel pays homage to Ancient Greek vessels while infusing them with a contemporary twist and a touch of mid-century modernism.

Handcrafted in Stockholm, Sweden.

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The AMPHORA vessel series emerged in 2022, symbolizing Andrea Tsang's transition from Shanghai to Sweden. Blending elements from contemporary, traditional, and ancient cultures, she delves into the timeless influence of Asian aesthetics on ancient design. Through the AMPHORA series, she invites contemplation on the enduring nature of design and ideas, which persist largely unchanged across decades and even millennia.

Materials: Dark stoneware with dark green matte finish, partly glazed.
Dimensions: 21cm W X 30cm H (with handle)

The AMPHORA Vessels were exhibited at the 2024 Milan Design Week.

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